Our Mission is to provide love and care to those living with Substance Use Disorders and introduce them to the growing knowledge of Jesus Christ which brings salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration to a productive and Holy life style.


Mission Approach

1. Carry out evangelistic outreaches to target audience – the drug dependent persons.

2. Establishment of wellness centres.  that will provide spiritual, physical and vocational instruments of reformation and re-integration into the society for the service users. 

3. Provide a programme of training to disciple intakes and subsequently provide vocational/educational training, through our training partners and institutions of learning to prepare them for social re-integration.

4. Establish Drug Addiction friendly centres called “Care Shops” for the purposes of awareness and counselling.

5. Conduct outreach programmes on Drug Education:

  • In Secondary Schools
  • In Brothels
  • In Drug Joints, etc.

6. Conduct monthly seminars tagged ‘Family Forum’ for next of Kin to prepare  clients for integration with family members during stipulated breaks (for clients in vocational programme) and after completing rehabilitation.

7. To carry out follow up programmes as follows: 

  • Regular visits to clients who have completed the period of rehabilitation.
  • Periodic Alumni Fellowship meetings of all treated and relapsed former Residents of Wellspring who completed the Discipleship Training Program 

8.  Creation of Alumni Cell Unit (ACU) within the home of a Wellspring Beneficiary who is the host / hostess.