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ADMISSION NOTICE. "The next residential rehabilitation program (WRC Set 35) for persons living with substance use dependency at Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre will commence on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Admission is always on 1st come 1st served basis and is by a formal interview of the candidate and their sponsor. Only 20 beds are available so only the first 20 successfully interviewed candidates will be admitted. Scheduled interview of interested candidates will be by appointment and is slated to start from March 2021. Kindly call/WhatsApp +234-807-079-0121 NOW for details and requirements please. 1. Admission form will be given free of charge at the venue. 2. Candidate (male or female) to be considered for admission are only those who are personally seeking for help and support towards full recovery from substance dependency. 3. Program is a 3-month, fully residential, Christian faith based treatment. 4. Although no fee is charged, however free-will donations are received from the Candidate's Sponsor. Interested Sponsors/Candidates should please call or WhatsApp +234-807-079-0121 for further details please.


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