A Journey of a Billion Miles – Bro Seun Akeredolu

A Journey of a Billion Miles – Bro Seun Akeredolu

A journey of a billion miles begins with just a step. This is just the second step towards the billion miles of my academic career. The first was in 2015 when I graduated with Diploma in Theology from the Redeemed Christian Bible College.

It was a tough one being in a full time programme. We went through rigorous activities and “sharpening” to test our abilities and calling. Waking up by 4:30a.m for personal prayers, morning duties outside the campus and coming back to the college before 7:00a.m to get ready for the academic devotion which began by 8:00a.m plus “Labour,”. Finding time to read and have quiet time daily isn’t child’s play at all.

The disciplined routine I’d been though in Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre prepared me to a large extent. For this and more, I say a sincere ‘Thank You’. I Thank God for this Organization, as I had no cause to “Run Away” from the “Baptism of Fire” in RCBC.

Immediately after my graduation in 2015, my wife (who was then, my wife-to-be) compelled me to start my first degree programme even though we were on the verge of our wedding and I was paid only peanut as a full time pastor. God bless you My Baby, Kikelomo Akeredolu, for launching me on this voyage and staying beside me when the storm raged.

At different times, I felt like giving up considering the school fees I’d owed and transporting myself from Akure to and fro Lagos virtually every month for lectures but the Prince of Peace was with us in that stormy sea, and we sailed. For everyone that the Lord used to paddle that boat, I’m greatly indebted to you all, may the Good Lord bless you richly in Jesus name. I want to say thank you to all my lecturers and mentors in the Bible College beginning from the Provost, Dr Babatunde Adedibu. I must thank the Management and Staff of Wellspring Rehabilitation Centre. May the Good Lord prosper this ministry beyond all expectations in Jesus name.

Yesterday, it was Seun Akeredolu – the smoker, thief, fraudster etc. Today, it is Seun Akeredolu – Diploma, Theology 2015; Bachelor, Theology 2018.

This is just a second step of the billion miles of my academic career and so far, it has been Dominion?. Amen.

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